• by Wes Singleton

I Feel Pretty, C

Rated PG-13, 110 minutes

The bland, wobbly new comedy "I Feel Pretty" has a talented, funny lead actress in Amy Schumer and a solid premise, but it's not as empowered as it should be. It's another variation of the Farelly's Jack Black comedy "Shallow Hal," which is interesting, because like that film, it lacks insight or many genuine laughs, though Schumer's charm carries the film.

Renee Barrett (Schumer), an ordinary New Yorker who struggles with feelings of inadequacy on a daily basis, wakes up from a fall believing she is the most beautiful and valued woman in the world, despite looking the same she has always looked. With this newfound confidence she is empowered to live her life to the fullest

The likable yet mediocre "I Feel Pretty" isn't as empowered or as fearless as you might expect, given its supposed love-your-body type of message. It ascribes to the notion that if you really feel pretty and lover your body, then you must be thin and a model. Schumer is up to task as its lead, but like her last film, "Snatched," she needs better material to work with; the story is uneven and the laughs scattershot, especially in its final act, where it has trouble trying to come to a final resolution.

The film is co-directed and co-written by the writing team of Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein ("Never Been Kissed," "He's Just Not That Into You"), and they give Schumer a few fun things to do such as a bikini contest or working at a fashion magazine, but outside of that, it doesn't have much to say. Comedian Rory Scovel is wasted as Schumer's love interest, while Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams ("The Greatest Showman") is woefully miscast as the breathy, high-pitched young head of the magazine Renee works at; it's painfully unfunny to see Williams falter in essentially the same role that Tilda Swinton nailed in Schumer's "Trainwreck."

There are a handful of good moments, mostly thanks to the lovely Schumer, who is fine just the way she is. Too bad her movie, "I Feel Pretty" isn't as fun or as lovely as you might expect. Considering the talent and the premise, it's a big disappointment.

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