• by Wes Singleton

Gemini, C

Rated R, 93 minutes

The sluggish new crime drama is a whodunit that isn't worth solving. From director and writer Aaron Katz, it's handsomely filmed and has some entertaining moments, but it doesn't seem to add up to much.

"Gemini" Jill LeBeau ("Mistress America's" Lola Kirke) is the assistant of Hollywood starlet Heather Anderson (Zoe Kravitz of "The Divergent" series). Jill arrives at Heather's house one day to find her dead from a gunshot wound. With Detective Ahn's (John Cho of "Sleepy Hollow") suspicion of Jill and her own world unraveling before her, she must solve the murder of her boss while also coming to grips with her own horrifying demons.

"Gemini" is a disappointing crime thriller that wastes a talented cast and a serviceable premise. The early chapters, featuring a believable relationship between Hollywood star and assistant, is its best; Kravitz is captivating as the starlet with issues and really the best thing about the film, while Kirke is charming as her friend, confidante and employee. Things get a little shakier when Heather is murdered and it's up to Jill to solve the case with a handsome detective assigned the case.

There are a couple of problems with "Gemini:" first, its shallow story and characters aren't all that interesting, and two, while Kirke is certainly charming, she isn't a strong enough actress to carry the film, especially in its disappointing, anti-climactic final act, that may have audiences scratching their heads. The eerie music from composer Keegan

DeWitt helps add a little texture, while the dark photography from Andrew Reed helps capture some of the dark side of Hollywood.

If "Gemini" feels second-rate, it probably is. While there are a handful of charming moments, this also feels like it should belong on Lifetime or USA Network. A rental for sure.

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