• by Wes Singleton

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, C-

Rated R, 107 minutes

Just when you thought it safe to go back in the theater comes another slick, junky "Resident Evil" outing, billed this time as "The Final Chapter" - we can only hope so - with Milla Jovovich's tough Alice and hordes of pesky CGI zombies back for more fun and games. Based on the popular Capcom video game series, this franchise, in its sixth installment, is tougher to kill than the undead, but strong box-office no doubt propelled by gamers tends to give it new life.

Alice (Jovovich) was betrayed by Wesker (Shawn Roberts) in Washington D.C. As the only survivor of what was meant to be humanity's battle against the undead, Alice returns to where it all began, Raccoon City, with the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces there for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse. In a race against time Alice joins old friends including Claire (Ali Larter) in an action-packed battle with undead hordes and new mutants in humanity's last stand.

Directed and written by Jovovich's husband Paul W.S. Anderson, "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" is pretty standard fare for this type of thing, with such cookie-cutter plotting you can easily see the set up early on in the film. Lots of jumpy moments, blood-and-guts and those nifty CGI zombie hordes all appear again, with Alice's antagonists, Wesker and Dr. Isaacs (played by "Downton Abbey's" Iain Glen, slumming it here again for an easy paycheck) doing their best to bring her down - good luck with that, guys. If the Red Queen bears resemblance to Jovovich, it's because she played by Jovovich's real daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson, in a bit of casting that reeks of nepotism.

Admittedly, the "Resident Evil" films are entertaining, in a guilty-pleasure, be-careful-to-admit-it sort of way, and thankfully fast-paced so you don't have to think about all the gaps in logic and huge plot holes that usually fill these films: bombs and motorcycles appear quicker in these films than the zombies do, and just at the right time. All the gamers and fan boys will be thankful for all the blood, bombs and babes, including Jovovich, Larter and Australian actress Ruby Rose.

"Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" hopefully puts the cap on something that doesn't go away, sort of like a never-ending going-out-of-business sale, yet will be most enjoyed by its faithful fan base who keep showing to make these things an inexplicable hit. Fortunately, it's January so we have the rest of the year to forget about it. Unless you're a diehard fan, skip it.

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