• by Wes Singleton

Mechanic: Resurrection, C-

Rated R, 99 minutes

If there's ever a movie that was never needed or wanted, is the new Jason Statham action thriller "Mechanic: Resurrection," a cheap, knockoff sequel to the modest 2011 hit "The Mechanic" that clearly mistakes a lot of noise, gunshots and fights as real entertainment, though admittedly those fights are the best part of the film. After the demise of his partner-turned-enemy, Arthur Bishop (Statham), who narrowly escaped from Steve's murder attempt on him, retires as a contract killer. But when his most formidable foe Crain (Sam Hazeldine) kidnaps the love of his life (Jessica Alba), he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best: make them look like accidents. Directed by German director Dennis Gansel, "Mechanic: Resurrection" is only good for showing the marital arts skills of Statham, whose made a good living doing something like this, but he also proves he's much better than the slack material, with a plot so silly and dumb you start looking around for Nicholas Cage. Instead of that washed-up Oscar-winner, we're treated to another, the always watchable Tommy Lee Jones, but don't think for a minute this is necessarily a Tommy Lee Jones film, given he only appears in about 15 minutes of the film near the end as a bad guy who tries to actually help Statham's Mechanic, and most of it in some ridiculous pajamas and hippie sunglasses. That balances out the fact that Alba, generally regarded as one of cinema's worst actresses and still not doing herself many more favors here, is Statham's bland love interest. There are a handful of decent action sequences, but even some of those seemed filmed inside a studio against a green screen, giving it a cheap look and feel. "Mechanic: Resurrection" is good for a minute or two, but it's just a mindless, forgettable late-summer flick, and if you happen to stumble into the theater to see it, make sure it looks like an accident.

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