• by Wes Singleton

Review: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, C

Rated R, 98 minutes

Amazingly, the raunchy, guilty-pleasure new comedy "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" is (probably very loosely) based on a true story, likely embellished with a considerable amount of raunch and pretty ladies. It's nothing new but if you're looking for some dirty fun and a few laughs, you'll find it here. Mike (Adam DeVine) and Dave (Zac Efron) are young, adventurous, fun-loving brothers who tend to get out of control at family gatherings. When their sister Jeanie (Stephanie Beard) reveals her Hawaiian wedding plans, the rest of the Stangles insist that the brothers bring respectable dates. After placing an ad on Craigslist and seeing it go viral, the siblings decide to pick Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Anna Kendrick), two charming and seemingly normal women. Once they arrive on the island, however, Mike and Dave realize that their companions are ready to get wild and party. Directed by Jake Szymanski (of HBO's recent "7 Days in Hell") in his feature debut and co-written by "Neighbors" Brendan O'Brien and Andrew J. Cohen and loosely adapted from the adventures of the real Mike and Dave Stangle, "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" is what it is: a low-brow comedy, predictable comedy with a great cast that'll have you laughing more than you care to admit to. All of the pretty, handsome leads make it hard for you to believe that they'd be desperate enough to do this, but you may be wise enough to not think about it too much and just go along for the ride. Devine (of "Pitch Perfect" and TV's "Workaholics") is a terrific, underrated comedian who needs better material, and he can tend to overchew scenery when he gets excited, but his shenanigans are still memorable, along with one of my favorite young comedians, Aubrey Plaza, whose deadplan delivery is still sharp from her "Parks and Recreation" days, and I found her wholly believable (and funny) as an instigator of fun and problems. As for Kendrick (yes, still a fan), and Efron (who's slowly getting better), they're cute, energetic and blandish eye candy. The first two acts flow fine until things go in a bunch of different directions in the last act, and Symanski doesn't seem know how to end it, and also showing he's a newbie with that overused end-credits gag reel, which should've went out of style with Burt Reynolds. Also, a few of the funniest moments are in the trailers - especially the one with the ATV's - which is a mean-spirited highlight in the movie, though some are inexplicably missing from the final cut. Low-brow, summer entertainment as you like it, "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates" is good for a few laughs, but be careful if you take her to meet mom.

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