• by Wes Singleton

Review: Ratchet & Clank, C-

Rated PG, 94 minutes

If the new science-fiction CG animated movie "Ratchet & Clank" plays like a video game, it's because it's based on the popular Playstation video game of the same name. I'm sure that video game offers more fun than the hyper, headache-inducing and shallow movie, which is certainly geared for adults. The movie tells the story of two unlikely heroes, a Lombax (a feline-like figure) mechanic named Ratchet (James Arnold Taylor) and an escaped robot named Clank (David Kaye), as they struggle to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek (Paul Giamatti) from destroying every planet in the Solana Galaxy. When the two stumble upon a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets, they must join forces with a team of colorful heroes called The Galactic Rangers in order to save the galaxy. Along the way they'll learn about heroism, friendship, and the importance of discovering one's own identity. Directed by Kevin Munroe and Jerrica Cleland, "Ratchet & Clank" is an origin-story that's likely to most satisfy die-hard fans of the video game, though even those fans may be disappointed by the lack of character and heart the film displays. It's certainly not without energy and color, but once the action slows down, the movie has little in way of developing any sort of substantial plot. Giamatti has fun as the villain, while you'll also notice some familiar voices, including John Goodman as Grimroth, Ratchet's mentor, along with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Rosario Dawson in secondary roles. "Ratchet & Clank" is a pretty zippy movie, so much so that you're head will likely be spinning as it goes from one action sequence to another, offering little in terms of explanation of who the characters are or where they may be going. The climax and ending will likely satisfy fans of the video game series, but even they know that video game characters rarely stay dead for long. "Ratchet & Clank" is like the roach of animated films, no matter how hard you try to kill it, it comes back to life to annoy you.