• by Wes Singleton

Review: Keanu, B

Rated R, 98 minutes

I don't care much for cats, given I am allergic to them, but I did care for Key and Peele's fun new comedy "Keanu," which revolves around saving an admittedly darn cute kitty with same name as Neo from "The Matix." The movie will most please Key and Peele's fanbase from their TV show, and speaking of which, it's stretched too thin in places and seems overly silly at times in TV episode form, but there's enough energy and hilarity to keep it flowing nicely. Rell's (Jordan Peele) beloved pet kitten Keanu is taken from his home, he and his friend Clarence (Keegan Michael-Key) seek out those responsible to recover the cat; but they find themselves over their heads in the middle of a violent gang war. Directed by "Key and Peele" director Peter Atencio and co-written by Peele and Alex Rubens, "Keanu" is an enjoyable, funny time and something you won't be allergic to, even if you're allergic to cats. It's essentially an overlong, over-the-top sketch, but it plays to the duo's comedic skill set, particularly the immensely funny Key (he's the tall one), who steals the show as the married guy in a rut with an affinity for minivans and George Michael music. There are a few stumbles along the way, including a bit with Anna Faris (as herself) that goes on too long and an over-the-top, shoot-em-up climax with way too many bullets, blood and car chases. In addition to the dynamically amusing duo, they're ably supported by Method Man, inspired as a gangster, Luis Guzman as a rival gangster, and yes, briefly voicing the role of Keanu the cat in a dream sequence, Keanu Reeves himself (whoa!). On that note, in some of "Keanu's" more imperfect moments - it's really shtick-heavy - when in doubt, trot out that cute kitty, who'll warm your heart while the humans try to make you laugh. A couple of memorable moments: Key's hilarious introduction of George Michael music to a few gangstas (in a minivan no less), as well as their "icebreaker" to get to know their fellow gang members, which ends in a flip you won't soon forget. If you're unfamiliar with the comedy team of Key and Peele, then their first big screen outing together in "Keanu" is a worthwhile introduction, and has enough laughs to almost make you forget they're trying to save a cat.

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