• by Wes Singleton

Review: Boy and the World, B

Rated PG, 85 minutes

The unique, inviting new Brazilian animated movie "Boy and the World" from Brazilian filmmaker Ale Abreu is a delightful, different look at boyhood. Nominated for this year's Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film, "Boy and the World" is about a little boy named Cuca. Cuca is a boy who lives in a distant world, in a small village in the interior of his mythical country. One day, he sees his father leaving in search of work, embarking on a train towards to an unknown capital. The weeks that follow are of anguish and confusing memories. Until then, one night, a breath of wind breaks into the bedroom window and takes the boy to a distant and magical place. "Boy and the World" is a colorful, unconventional and memorable look at how one boy discovers the world on his own, when love has seemingly left him all alone. Strikingly drawn with some unique characters and movements, it's an engaging affair that should please both parents and children, even if it requires you to pay attention closely to everything that is happening onscreen. "Boy and the World" has such a different look to it that it may take a few minutes of adjustment, but once you do, it'll draw you into its story and characters. There are some touching, tender moments to be had, and an energetic score filled with contemporary Brazilian hip-hop that keeps the movie flowing to a sentimental conclusion. "Boy and the World" isn't for everyone and requires a certain patience to stay with it, but those that see it will find it satisfying.